Youth Ambassador Program

Australian Refugee Association
Salisbury South Australia
The Youth Ambassadors program was established in 2013 as a direct response to the interest of young people in volunteering with ARA but were unable to due to age restrictions. The annual program now runs across 8 schools in Adelaide with 35 students each year. This tailor-made program enables young people to partner with ARA, gain a greater understanding of the refugee experience and contribute to work in the community. Past Youth Ambassadors go on to volunteer as Peer Leaders and play an important role in co-designing the program and delivering the annual summer camp.
27 Youth Ambassadors
90% of students rates camp as Successful or Extremely Successful; 77% of Youth Ambassadors indicated that the camp increased their knowledge of the global refugee experience; 74% of Youth Ambassadors said their confidence and self-esteem increased as a direct result of the camp

Engagement Plus

Flinders View Primary School
Port Augusta, SA
Teachers and Learning Teams across the school are individually and collaboratively developing "passion projects". The goal is to re-engage students in learning, the school and the wider community and attend to their wellbeing after the disruptions and uncertainties of COVID-19. Some examples of the projects are: building a bush tucker garden, classroom door painting for NAIDOC week 2020, class excursions, and a community mural.
Current average student attendance - a small increase since project commenced. Other outcomes greater student participation in learning and improved parental engagement.

STEM Scholarships

The University of Adelaide
Originally The Angela Camerini Scholarship (2016-2019), we recently re-named this The Silvio Tarca Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship supports commencing undergraduate students of high academic merit who, due to their socio-economic circumstances, warrant financial support for their living expenses. We believe that higher education provides the best pathway to upward socio-economic mobility. Additionally, we believe that education and research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are crucial to building a stronger Australia that will be economically competitive globally. This scholarship is awarded annually to one commencing student and runs for four years. The first recipient of this scholarship graduated in 2021, and four students have now been awarded scholarships.
Scholarships awarded to 4 students pursuing STEM degrees through University of Adelaide (2016-2021)

Community Development Officer

Schools Plus
Elizabeth Vale Primary School
Elizabeth Vale Primary School’s ‘Working Together Community Development Project’ was selected via School's Plus Smart Giving Round (early in 2019) and Milner Road Foundation approved the grant application for the program starting in T3 2019. Through the Smart Giving program, Schools Plus identifies schools seeking philanthropic support to roll out strategic initiatives that will tackle the greatest challenges facing their students and staff. At Elizabeth Vale Primary School, support for parent and student safety, and social and emotional wellbeing is significant and impacts on the school’s ability to focus on teaching and learning. The school recognises that there is a multitude of service providers in the area, but it is overwhelming and confusing for parents to access the right service (including one that is culturally appropriate), at the right time. The school sought support to engage a Community Development Officer to drive this, by connecting families with the most appropriate service providers in the area and to deliver a range of workshops and activities to support and equip families. They seek to ultimately empower families, to enable them to identify what they need, to ensure children have the necessary foundations in place for learning.
Two annual Smart Giving grants for 'Working Together Community Development Project'

Personal Leadership Program

Youth Opportunities
Youth Educations Centre (Kilburn)
We have been sponsoring this program since 2018 and have committed to 2 more years through 2022. For one day a week over a school term, two experienced Youth Opportunities trainers deliver highly effective wellbeing and resilience training, giving 18 students (Year 10 – age15/16) the knowledge, skills and experiences not typically part of their schooling, but crucially important to life. The program focuses on developing long-term happiness, setting and achieving goals, increasing motivation and positive communication skills. This results in these young people becoming more engaged in school, increasing their confidence, becoming more resilient, improving their social skills and being able to exercise positive enduring leadership in their own lives, creating a future where their challenges, or lack of opportunities does not limit their success.
Year 11 Students have been funded to complete the Personal Leadership Program since 2018